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Delivery Deadline to Dallas



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Arrival in Cuenca



How it works

Purchase in the U.S

Order on amazon, Best Buy, or any other website.

Ship to our address

Steve (Your Last Name) Feuerbacher 5717 Legacy Drive, Suite 250, Plano, TX 75024

Delivery in Cuenca

We will deliver your order in Cuenca or ship it to you via Servientrega. Self pick up is also possible.

Our Process & Services

Dallas to Cuenca

Is there something on the Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart website you just can’t find here in Cuenca? If the answer is yes, the solution is simple:

  1. Place your order with the seller and have them ship it to our Dallas Storage Location.
  2. The manager there will take a picture when it arrives and send it to you via email.
  3. When we come back, we’ll bring your package to Cuenca in our checked baggage.
  4. Once we get here, you can pick it up at our house.
  5. We can also we can deliver to you or ship via Servientrega if you aren’t here in the city.
  6. The price is $10 per pound and $10 for the entire order up to 20 items.

Cuenca to Dallas

We can also take something to the USA and ship it if you need to. Just get it to us a few days before we leave and cover the cost of shipping in the USA. The price is the same: $10 per pound but no order fee.

Mail Service

We’re happy to take letters to USA and mail them or bring mail from USA to you here @ no charge. Just cover cost of mailing in USA and cost of delivery here in Cuenca.

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Our Pricing is Simple:

We charge a handling fee of 10$

We charge 10$ a pound with 8 Oz minimum. In other words, if you order one item that’s 2 oz, then the total price including the Handling fee, will be $15.

When possible, we will take items out of the original shipping boxes to minimize space and weight. We will weigh each item and charges will be based upon cumulative weight.

While we don’t charge extra for phones, laptops and electronics, please make certain to check before ordering these items as there is a firm limit on how many we can bring back on a trip.


Please Note:

We travel via commercial airlines and there are limits on what we can bring back.

Please carefully read the Disclaimer and FAQ section to make certain the rules and regulations we are required to follow are clear.

Limitation on Type of Goods

Limitation on size


We fly back and forth via commercial airlines. That means we follow all rules and regulations imposed by both US Customs, Ecuadorian Customs, and the airlines. Any items prohibited by law will not be accepted or transported. (Inquire for specifics.)

Items intended for resale will NOT be transported either. Three or more of the same (or similar) restricted item(s) within one trip, for example, would draw attention and in turn be prohibited. (Please contact us for more details on possible Ecuadorian limitations.)

Specialty Electronics

There are serious limits on items like phones, laptops, and computers in terms of how many can be brought in as checked baggage without paying import duties. Ecuadorian customs are especially sensitive about bringing electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops, computers) into the country and there is a strictly enforced limit of one phone and one computer per trip.  

Please Note: Call us before shipping to make certain we have space for these items. Space for limited items will be “reserved” on a first-come, first-served basis. If you ship us something and we don’t have space, we will “reserve space” on the next trip with available space. This is something we do not control and if you ship us a computer, phone or other items, it may take a while to get your item to you.

Prescription Medications, Supplements and Vitamins

If planning to transport medication of any kind (specifically ones that require a prescription, then we need a copy of the prescription. Supplements do not require a prescription, but may be limited by quantity. Please contact us before ordering supplements to make certain we have room.

Customs & TSA Inspection:

Customs in the USA or Ecuador may search luggage at random. We have no way of knowing except when a box has been reopened and resealed. As with any baggage shipped via airline, we can’t be responsible for an item being lost, stolen, damaged or seized by customs in the USA or Ecuador. We will make certain, if possible, that fragile and sensitive items are transported in our carry-on luggage and are not checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Items Can I Ship?

The dimensions of a checked bag are 62 inches in total. Here’s a link to one of the airlines with descriptions of checked baggage dimensions. Here’s a link to descriptions of allowed checked baggage.

What about Oversized Items?

There are ways to ship oversized items like golf clubs and other specialty things but there are also extra charges. If you have something unusual, please call us and let’s see if we can work something out.

Can I Order Specialty Electronics?

There are serious limits on items like phones, laptops, and computers in terms of how many can be brought in as personal, checked baggage without paying import duties. Ecuadorian customs are especially sensitive about bringing electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops, computers) into the country and there is a strictly enforced limit per trip of one phone and one computer per trip.

Please don’t ship phones, computers or laptops without checking with us first to see if we have room on the specific trip in question. If you place an order for one of these items and we don’t have room, we will hold it in Dallas until the next trip that has an available slot for a phone, laptop or computer.

Can I Order Prescription Medications?

Any prescription medications will require a copy of the doctor’s prescription so that we can attach it to the prescription. If you have any questions, please call before shipping us any prescription medicines.

Is there anything I cannot order?

There are some items the USA and Ecuadorian customs will not allow us to bring:

  • Narcotics – especially pain killers can be a real problem with Ecuadorian customs. Even with a written prescription there are some drugs not allowed. Please call first!
  • Seeds/plants
  • Any item that is restricted by law.
Can I Order Supplements and Tobacco Products?

Ecuadorian Customs Regulations change frequently. Please do not order more than three bottles or packages of any single item. When we show up with 12 of an item, Customs automatically assumes that they are for resale and the entire shipment could be seized. Also, there’s a limit on cigars of no more than 30.

Do I have to pay any sales taxes or import duties?

In general, there are no import duties on any item we bring into Ecuador as they are entered under duty-free exemptions. However, there are some items that customs will charge duty on that we have experienced. Please note, the question of import duties is a “moving target” subject to change beyond our control. Any import duties incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

Here are some items on which we know import duties will be charged:

  • Computer Monitors over 21 inches
  • Auto Parts – there is a limit of $2,000 and import tax will be charged at varying rates. All auto parts must be accompanied by the original invoice.
  • Depending on where and what you order you may have to pay sales tax on your purchases and those taxes will be the responsibility of the customer, not Cuenca Express.
Do you deliver items from Cuenca to the U.S.?

We will be happy to take documents to the USA to be mailed via USPS, FedEx or UPS at no charge other than postage. Just arrange to get them to us here in Cuenca and cover the postage or other shipping charges in the USA – FedEx, USPS or UPS. We will also take items back to the USA at the same price, $10 per pound ,plus $10 per order, plus the estimated cost of shipping in the USA. Note: Normally, we only take one bag on trips to Dallas so space could be a problem. Please check with us early to make certain we have room for something your shipping back to USA.

How do I pay for my shipment?

When we get back to Cuenca, we will send you an email with an invoice for the total weight and charges and arrange delivery. All fees must be paid in cash at the time of pickup or delivery if we are going to deliver your order in Cuenca.

Please Note: Any items not “claimed” will be held for 90 days before they will be considered “abandoned.”

What if I have a question about my Order?

We are available to answer questions via email or WhatsApp. You can call us here in Cuenca or in the USA and we will answer. However, let’s make certain we both follow up phone calls with emails to make certain we don’t miss of the details. Since most of us are Senior Citizens, let’s all do our best to avoid those Senior Moments.

How is the weight of my item calculated?

We weigh all the items in your order together and round up to the nearest ounce. The exception is the volumetric weight which is calculated differently. Click here for more information on items billed based upon volume – (i.e. a pillow or bag of popcorn takes up as much room as a 10-pound crockpot). Here’s a link to a good volume weight calculator:

We will also, when possible, remove items from the original shipping box and consolidate them to reduce weight.

What is your $10.00 Order Handling Fee?

There is a $10 fee for each order up to 20 items.  If you have more than 20 items, call us and let’s talk. $10.00 is quite competitive for bringing those items you are daydreaming about to Cuenca.

Do I need to track my outgoing packages that are shipped to your receiving facility?

Yes, please make certain that you send us any Order numbers, tracking numbers or other information.  We also recommend you place any orders with a “Signed Receipt required.” If you don’t, sometimes, the delivery person will just leave it at the door, and we have no way of tracking or verifying delivery to help find lost items.

Signed Receipts.

About 80% of all orders we receive are placed with Amazon. To make certain there are no problems with your order, please have your order shipped signature required so that we have a signed receipt from our Dallas receiving center and copy for your records and ours.  This is an option on the Amazon website. It’s also an option with FedEx, UPS, and USPS and we recommend all orders should be shipped with a signed receipt request.

Please Note: If you don’t select the Signed Receipt option, the Amazon…as well as other drivers…may simply leave the items at the door, take a photo and leave. The only way to guarantee the package arrived is to request a signed receipt.

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